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About American Slip Company

American Slip Company was started in 2022 by Steve Birkemeier with the goal to provide quality talc-based slip to the ceramic industry.  Steve has been involved in ceramics since he was 8 years old when his mother purchased a ceramics shop, he worked with her until 1995 when he joined the military.  After his service, he fell back into ceramics and purchased his mother’s business when she retired.  The opportunity to grow the business and purchase Mayco’s slip operation came in December 2021.  After the purchase, Steve moved the operation to Pomona Missouri and started providing slip to other slip casters as well as starting American Slip Companies’ bisque shop.  Since taking over he has expanded Mayco’s previous footprint and his goal is to continue growing.  In October of 2022, the Zavori mold company was added to the shop, In December of 2022 we partnered with Olympic Kilns and Gap Ceramics to provide more quality products to our customers, and American Slip Company Fired Arts Supply was born.

4950 County Road 1510

Pomona, Mo